Escape from the Castle

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Historical info

Bourtzi is a small island with an area of ​​30 acres at the eastern entrance of the port of Poros. On the island there was a castle from the Byzantine era yet, but what we see today was built during the Kapodistria era by the Bavarian philhellene Evdek. It is known that the small island was used as a naval base by the Byzantine fleet in the 7th century AD. The Byzantine admiral Nasar used it as a base to attack against the Saracens. There are also indications that there was a Venetian fortress, to be used during the action Morosini and his fleet in the area around 1687-1693. The current castle was built in 1826 by the Bavarian von Evdek (Carl Wilhelm von Heideck, 1788-1861) when he was chairman of the fundraising committee. The castle played an important role in the mutiny of 1831 started by Miaoulis. Miaoulis managed to seize the fortress where he placed  commandant master Falagka, to control the artillery and the narrow passages. From there he turned against Capodistria. It has been used by the Navy as an ammunition depot and in WWII the Germans used it also.

Your adventure

You get the chance to participate in a unique adventure in which you use your swimming skills to escape from the castle and swim from 2500 m up to 5000 m to the nearest coast. Of course there will be full instructions and Spyros will help you all the way to make it.